What makes Help Wantedd different from other job portals?

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Are you looking for a job portal where you can find and apply to jobs by just swiping? Unbelievable but true! HelpWantedd is the job-hunting platform where you can do just that.

There is, nevertheless, more to the app than just swiping. It is user-friendly, simple, and effortless to use. All you need to do is download the app, create your profile as a Help Seeker or a Help Provider. And you are all set to either start applying for, or offer, a job.

Unique Benefits of the App

Hassle-free – As a Help Seeker, create your profile with all the details, upload your resume, and you are done. No need to spend time writing cover letters or pitching every time you apply for a job. Just browse and swipe left to reject, and right to ask for, a job.

As a Help Provider too, it is so super comfortable to put up a job listing. Then browse through candidate profiles, receive information about interested candidates, and find the one that matches your criteria best. You can also edit your listing anytime you want.

Location-specific – The app only shows job listings in your locality. So, as a Help Seeker, you will be able to browse all the jobs on offer in your location. Thus, making it so much easier to find work when you move to a new place.

Similarly, as a Help Provider, you will look at the profiles of local candidates only. No-fuss in deciding on the right candidate only to find they cannot join now because they are yet to move in.

Time-saving – It is so difficult to find people to do odd jobs such as organizing the storage room or a pet-sitter. You have to ask your contacts for references, hand out leaflets and so on. But not anymore, list the jobs you need doing on Help Wantedd and go about your day.

When someone shows interest in your job posting, you will get an instant notification. Go through their profile, select the best candidate, and voila, your job is done!
This brings us to our next point, which is odd jobs.

Odd jobs – Job portals usually do not list works such as carpentry or plumbing. However, some people need these jobs done, and some people are looking for such tasks. Help Wantedd brings both these parties together.

This platform doesn’t differentiate between blue-collared jobs and odd jobs. And hence it is the place to go to for listing and finding just any kind of job.

Ease of use – Just swiping to reject or apply for a job means anyone can use the app conveniently. Even people who are not handy with smartphones can easily use this app to find their dream job.

Convenience – All kinds of jobs can be listed here. People looking to utilize their skills for some extra income will also undoubtedly find jobs that match their capabilities. For instance, say you are good at repairing works but hate cleaning. You can look for part-time repairing works while listing up a job offer for cleaning.

It also allows you to find work based on your time and shift preferences. Which other job portal will offer you such flexibility and convenience?

Covid-19 and Lost Jobs

Covid-19 has impacted more than just the health of people; it has also caused a lot of people to lose their jobs. While you are looking for a permanent position, why not try your hands at temporary jobs for the time being? Being locality specific and flexible pros means that you will surely find something up your alley on Help Wantedd.

The Different Job Portal

All the benefits mentioned above make the Help Wantedd app different from every other job portal. It is here to make a difference in the lives of job seekers and job providers, making it stand out among the rest.

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