Magic of the Location Feature of HelpWantedd

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Help Wantedd is not a regular job portal. It is a unique app that allows applying for jobs with just a swipe. Its exclusivity also lies in the fact that it will enable listing of all kinds of jobs, from permanent to one-time. Anyone can search for jobs on Help Wantedd because of its ease of use and simplicity of design.

Another differentiating feature of Help Wantedd is that it shows job listings based on the job seekers’ location. Job seekers just have to point their location on a map, and the app will start showing jobs around there. This is a high-end feature offered only by a very few job portals. But what makes this feature so coveted?

Benefits for Job Seekers

A job located miles away might offer you higher pay, but the question is whether it is worthy enough? Especially if it’s a one-time job like repairing or cleaning. You have to consider the commute time as well as the amount you spend on transport. For instance, say, you devote three to four hours commuting and spend 10% of your pay on it. Will it still be worth it? If you don’t have your own transport, traveling by public transport would only add to your hassle.

Even for permanent jobs, undoubtedly you can save on your commute time and transport costs by choosing to stay near your workplace. But, it will mean spending a bomb on rent.

This indicates that with a job near your home, you can save both money and time. With the time you save, you can take in more work or choose to earn extra with part-time jobs. As the saying goes, time is money. This is why more and more job seekers are refusing distantly located jobs and choosing local jobs instead. Even if such jobs pay them less, most believe it is actually beneficial in the long run.

Benefits for Job Providers

Because of the points mentioned above, job providers will also benefit from the location feature of Help Wantedd. What is the point of finding the right candidate if they are not keen to relocate? Or refusing to commute to a distantly located workplace? Sure, you can lure them with extra pay and transport benefits. But that would be a waste of money when you can expectedly find good or even better candidates nearby.

Not to mention the fact that for one-time odd jobs, it is better to hire local personnel. You can call them back if something goes wrong or amiss and rehire them if you like their work. It will save a lot of trouble, time as well as hard-earned money.

Covid-19 and Travel Restrictions

The location feature of Help Wantedd proved to be life-saving for both job seekers and providers, owing to Covid-19. Most countries worldwide have placed movement restrictions meaning people cannot go to work, especially if it requires extensive traveling. Many people also got stranded in their workplaces when sudden movement control orders were issued worldwide. This has further scared job seekers in looking for local jobs only so that they can get home quickly.

Even when the restrictions are lifted, traveling far by public transports can still be risky. So, employers and employees can continue working while also being safe by finding jobs and candidates nearby.

One App for All

Thus, Help Wantedd is the app that has it all. It is the go-to place for every job seeker and provider. With all its amazing features, the app is sure to help find the dream job for every job seeker and the best employees for every job provider.

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