How to make a great first impression with your Job Application

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Most of the job applications and cover letters are pretty boring. When an employer is trying to get through hundreds of job applications there is nothing like a little personality that attracts their attention. Sometimes a different language or your constant willingness to keep learning and broadening your skills can make the hiring managers think differently. All job openings in New York City are searching for the right candidate who fits into their required criteria, but approaching them with a different perspective always makes you stand out of the rest.

Here we’ve shared some ideas that can make your job application stand out in the crowd and makes it possible for you to even land the job.

Discuss your project-based work

Mention more of your project-based work than typical roles and responsibilities played at any company. Explain how you helped to launch a product or service or if you have created a new process that added value to any project. Employers always want to know how you will fit on their team and what you can do to elevate their work process.

Explain what drives you and your passions

Try to mention what you are passionate about and what drives you to use your potentials most. Hiring managers like to see what change you can bring to your job and how it can align with their business. So, explain whatever you are passionate about in sync with your professionalism.

Specify your current reads

What you read in your spare time represents how you spend most of your time. Therefore mention the blogs you usually read, sites visited, and books you are currently reading. This might not be relevant to the position you are applying for, but it gives insight into your passions and reveals the areas where you have additional knowledge in depth.

Mention your continued learning process

Degrees surely possess value, but if you continue learning new skills after traditional schooling mention that in your job application. It reveals your curiosity and drive. This can be online classes or community workshops. This will not only increase your skills but also include your depth of knowledge, independence, and creativity.

Try to add a video犀利士

A video application adds the X factor to your application and separates it from other traditional applications. Your resume probably doesn’t give your employer any real insight on how excited you are about this position other than showing your experience. So try to add a 30-60 seconds video explaining why you are interested in this position and how you can add value to it. Don’t for the interview to show your personality because it is more important to even get one.

Mention quirky facts and interests

Sorting through hundreds of job applications is boring. Some of the best hires have those candidates who make an effort to reveal their personalities through their resumes. So try to include quirky facts or interests about yourself so that the employer may feel that they know you which in turn builds a natural trust between you and the employer.

Add up a different language to your skillset

Knowing a foreign language always adds up value to a good job application. Having a diverse supply of languages in a team opens up the doors that are closed to others in your domain. There are lots of international projects these days and doing them in different local languages can be worth a lot.

Mention gap years with travel experiences

Use your gap years with your travel experiences. People these days are building global companies, therefore if you have a global perspective you must get their attention faster than ever. Experience of global travel opens up the mind and shifts perspective towards everything. People who are afraid to leave their comfy bubbles can be left behind by the employers as many don’t wish to work with people who see the world through a narrow lens.


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