How to Handle a Job Search during a Pandemic Situation?

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If you are looking for a job in this pandemic situation, or have unfortunately lost your job due to the spread of the recent pandemic, fret not. There are several full-time jobs in New York available for you, even in this situation. You do not need to give up on the job hunt, although it can be rather challenging for you at the moment.

While several industry sectors are cutting down on their employee count, there are several others too that are still working on hiring people in the process.

Here are some tips for you that can help you with job hunting during the Covid-19 situation:

Check the applicability of job loss benefits if any

You might not be aware that there are some employers, along with the state and the federal government that provide unemployment compensations. Such benefits apply to various employees and other unemployed youth that are affected by such pandemic or any unfortunate situations.

Do take some time to find out the details about the job loss benefits online and send applications as necessary if you fit the bill. You never know you might be entitled to a certain amount that can help you monetarily in this challenging situation.

Get ready for an extensive job search

There are several ways to start job hunting. For instance, you can upload your resume on various job sites, social media platforms and of course, on different job searching apps. Make sure to add a cover letter with the resume too. This will help your potential employers in creating an impression about you which will eventually help you in the long run.

You can also entirely rely on the HelpWantedd app. It is an app-based job searching portal with all kinds of jobs. If you are looking for jobs in New York, look no further. Register yourself with the HelpWantedd app, and you are ready with your first step towards job hunting.

Job hunting in specific industries is truly rewarding

As mentioned earlier, not all industries and jobs are affected by this pandemic in the same manner. For instance, job sectors like hospitality, travel, education, food & beverages and also event planning are some industries that are especially hit in the worst manner.

But on the other hand, the online e-commerce websites and other essential services like pharmaceuticals and the healthcare have surged way ahead during the spread of Coronavirus. Depending on your skill sets, you can tap into the thriving industries for full-time jobs in New York.

Expand your network for job search but do not forget to apply too

Networking is of great help when it comes to job searching, but at the same time, do not forget to tap the potential referred to by them. Word of mouth and people networking can give you the most important leads for different jobs in New York. One of the best ways to get your dream job is to make a list of experts in your network and try to work on building good relationships with them. This small activity is more than enough to get a good job that suits your skills and experience.

Upgrade your skills

While you are searching for jobs, make sure to take some time out to upskill yourself. Several websites offer free and paid online courses on various subjects. Depending on your current skill sets, make sure to take this opportunity to upgrade yourself and also in the process, learn new skills.

Don’t lose patience; have faith.

It is imperative to say that Coronavirus has impacted almost all facets of life. Work and life have practically come to a standstill. But you need to hang in there and be patient. Everyone is trying their best to cope with this newly evolved situation, and almost all of them are struggling. So it is essential to be patient while searching for the jobs.


The situation of Covid-19 is entirely new, and people have never come across anything similar earlier. So, the hiring process may take more time than usual. But still do not forget to thank all those who have made out their time to help you in some ways or the other. Job hunting itself is a time taking task, but when you have apps like HelpWantedd at your fingertips, you have the edge over other job seekers.

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