How to effectively use Job Search apps to find your dream Job

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Nowadays, there is an app for everything from ordering food to looking for a partner, and a job search is also no different. You don’t need to require combing through the newspaper listings for jobs in NYC that are hiring immediately or find any part-time jobs near you. Several job search apps can help you to stay connected and be on top of your job search even while you are on the go.

Here are 10 interesting ideas that can help you to find job openings in New York City straight from your job search app:

1. Create memorable stories

Most of the recruiters respond well to stories than the mind-numbing list of skills. So, other than just simply stating your responsibilities try to weave an interesting story about the successes you’ve achieved in your job. Come up with interesting solutions to important challenges you have faced, you’re your narrative succinct.

2. Focus on your future aspirations

Focus your profile on where you want to go in the future than what you have been in the past. Find your ideal local jobs, and then build your profile around those. Remove all the skills you no longer want to use in your next job. This will make you appear to recruiters as you want to reinvent yourself and focus on the future.

3. Keep your profile fresh

Your job search app profile should be a living and breathing document that represents you and makes you unique and worth hiring. Posting long-form blog posts, sharing leadership advice, insights on the day’s top industry trends helps to position you as an expert in your field.

4. Make it visual

Nowadays, people are more responsive to visual content. If you have won any awards, have some impressive degrees or certifications, have produced an interesting video, post them on your job search app and make your profile more visual to the recruiters.

5. Make your profile accessible

Make your contact number and email address prominently in your profile and see if it is visible in your summary. Mentioning your contacts will make you more accessible to the recruiters and easier for you to bag a job.

6. Message directly the hiring managers

Job search apps like Helpwantedd are like best friends for the job seekers as these make you able to contact the hiring managers and recruiters directly. An important is to try sending an introductory message on Sundays to them as most of the C-level executives generally spend the Sundays preparing for the coming week. So, it may impress them that you are working on your job on Sundays. However, don’t be overly pushy and just mention the people you’ve already met in the interview and screening process and compliment their personality and professionalism.

7. Think the apps a job search engines

The job search apps are just like the other search engines like Google, the only thing is that they are more focused on finding professionals, recruiters, jobs, and companies. So, use it as a search engine to job hunt. Putting short keywords phrases in your profile’s name field may also help you in the process. It may sound a little unconventional but this policy helps your recruiters to figure out what you do faster and also make your profile rank higher in keyword searches.

8. Never show that you are desperate

Another important aspect is to not mention that you are a job seeker in your job search app. The recruiters tend to avoid profiles that have these kinds of words in them. The reason is mentioning that you are seeking a job makes you appear a little desperate.

9. Make a clean social media profile

While it is important to have an authentic profile in your job search app, equally it is important to make your other social media profile equivalent. If your recruiters don’t like what you share on your social media platform, strong chances are that you won’t be hired for the job. So, clean up your social media profiles as well.

10. Upload a recent and professional photo

Without a recent picture, your profile may look suspicious. Adding a photo also makes a profile complete and recruiters prefer a completed profile more. However, remember to make it professional and aligns with your role to make it more approachable. Also, posting a recent photo rather than a 10 years old one is important. As if you’re called for an interview and your photo doesn’t match your appearance, it can confuse the recruiters.

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