Guidelines to Search for Positions while Employed

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There are numerous reasons to search for a new job. Collecting paychecks while continuing to look for a new job is very lucrative. But you need to be smart enough to maintain secrecy to get the best of both worlds. Finding a new job in New York can only be easier if you channel your process in an organized way.
Here is a guideline to search for positions while employed in a company:

Update your social media and online job portal profiles

Your social media profiles and online job portal profiles are the first things that will be checked up by the recruiters when your resume shows up. So, update it regularly. Turn off the notifications so that profile updates don’t show up on the network. Don’t tag yourself as “finding a new job in New York USA” as your employer may notice you. Also, keep your skills updated and consistent with your current job.

Avoid dropping hints

Staying quiet about your job search can be intimidating. You might want to tell that you don’t care about a recent reprimand. But it may risk your current job as these kinds of conversation leaves hints about your job search. Also, refrain yourself from posting anything related to your job search in your social media profile. You don’t know who is connected to whom.

Keep interviews outside office hours

You cannot have 2-3 doctors’ appointments in a week. This can increase suspicion. So try to keep the schedule of the interviews outside work hours. You may consider breakfast and lunch timings for an interview or ask for a slot after work even, can take a half-day leave in a week. Many companies accommodate your request if you are upfront about the need for discretion

Watch your attire inside the office

Your current job may not require you to wear a formal outfit inside the office. But, you need to wear a formal outfit in your interviews. So, if you suddenly show up in a suit or tie it can add to a certain suspicion. Consider changing your attire and carry one extra with you on a date of interview.

Maintain your normal self and stay focused

Stay focused on your current job and avoid conflicts as much as you can. It does not mean you have to show off that you don’t care about anyone from your current office. Maintaining a good relationship always helps and it increases your personal network that may help you shortly. Although, don’t use the company network or phone for your job search.

Don’t mention current employers as a reference

This is very obvious that you shouldn’t use the current company or boss’s name as a reference. Protect your personal and professional network and don’t refer this to anyone until you have secured your position in your new company. Remember, reference checks are the last steps in the job search. So, surprising your current employer before anything finalizes can risk your current position.

Ask the recruiter to maintain discretion

Most of the time hiring employers assume that your current employer is unaware of your job search process. But you need to be clear and specific about your discretion. However, if the recruiter is unwilling to respect your preference it is wise to choose another recruiter.

Be efficient on what you do

Having a full-time job and searching for a new one can be challenging. But the key to success is to plan and keep yourself organized. Update online profiles and resumes and creating a great cover letter layout helps to save last-minute mistakes. Use a personal organizer to prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and update the calendar. This will help to avoid a clash between two appointments.

Avoid acting prematurely

Unless you have landed a new job with the appointment letter in your hand don’t indulge in anything that may harm your current position. Consider what you say and do till everything finalizes.


Finally, it is important to tread lightly, be patient, and stay discreet while you continue your search for a new job. However, if you discover that you enjoy doing your current job then there’s no harm in calling off a process. Remember, you haven’t lost anything in the process and if it helps you to rediscover your passion then try with Helpwantedd and stay ahead of others in the crowd. Helpwantedd not only helps you to find new jobs in New York, but it also highlights your special skills and makes your local job search smooth and discreet. So stay updated and keep polishing your skills.

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