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Each of us is unique with our own skill sets. But sometimes it isn’t easy to find a job that values those particular capabilities. For instance, say someone is handy with doing repair work around the house, but getting a job is not easy in this field. Because unfortunately, such posts are usually not advertised on job searching platforms.

But fret not, HelpWantedd is here to assist everyone in finding their dream job that suits their skills correctly. Being location-specific, it allows us to look for employment in the locality, making it easier to apply and start immediately.

What is Help Wantedd?

It is an app that lets people who lack the support of large networks connect with hiring businesses. It is easy to use and allows listing of all kinds of jobs. All you have to do is download the app and create your profile as the Help Seeker or the Help Provider and you will be all set to either offer jobs or apply to them.

How does it work?

Any job listing has two groups of people coming together, job aspirants and job providers. In this app, they are classified as Help Seekers and Help Providers, respectively.

Help Seekers – People who are looking for work have to create their profiles under this category. Once they are done, the jobs matching their skill sets will be shown to them. Now, all they need to do is either swipe left to dismiss the job or swipe right to apply. Can it be any easier than this?

However, make sure you read the job descriptions carefully before doing either. The reason being, if you swipe left too soon, you might never get to see the same job listing again. Similarly, swipe right more quickly, you might end up applying for a job that you do not really care about.

Help Providers – Businesses that are looking to hire should create their job listings under this category. Once someone swipes right on your job listing, their profile with credentials and background will be sent to you.

You can then browse through the information of the applicants, and once you zero-in on someone, you have to ‘like’ them. Once you do so, it is called a match. When a match happens, the Help Seeker you ‘liked’ will be placed in direct contact with you. You can take it up from there to talk about things such as payment and job scope privately.

Notable features of the app

Easy sign-up and login – The app allows simple signing up and logging in with the phone number by using the Facebook profile. Import information from the Facebook profile or you can also input information manually. Editing is allowed so you can change the information, add pictures, or update job descriptions later.

Swipe – Just swiping is enough to reject or apply for a job, no need for lengthy processes.

Push notifications – Get notified as soon as an applicant swipes right on a job or when a job provider ‘likes’ your profile.

Geolocation – Job search and candidate profiles based on specific locations only, making it easy to find the best match.

Matchmaking – Both the job applicant and the job provider have to ‘like’ each other by swiping right to create a match. Matchmaking is made more comfortable with the app showing the most relevant jobs and candidates to Help Providers and Help Seekers, respectively.

In-app chat – Once a match is made, the applicant and the job provider can contact each other directly through the in-app chat.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this fantastic app and start applying at once; your dream job is waiting for you.

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