Different Kinds of Services Offered by HelpWantedd

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Many times, when we pass by a shop, we see advertisements like ‘Help needed for cleaning the shop.’ But what are the chances of someone skilled at and looking for exactly such a work coming across this ad?

There is a more accessible way to find candidates for such odd jobs, and it is through Help Wantedd. It is a unique app that lets people apply for jobs with just a swipe. But this is not the only exclusive feature of the app.

From full-time permanent work to one-time odd jobs, HelpWantedd lists all kinds of jobs. And this is the other unique feature that makes this app so different from other job portals.

Regardless of the kind of help you need, you will definitely find someone for the job on Help Wantedd. The same goes for job seekers. You are sure to find a job that matches your preference and skill sets.

The jobs are categorized, too, under the different kinds of services offered by the app. This categorization of services makes it all the easier for job providers to enlist and seekers to look for work.

Categories of Services Offered

The services listed under Help Wantedd are as follows:

Help Quick – Need help in organizing the shelves in your bookstore or delivering a specific item somewhere? You don’t have to put up posters on the windows of your shop or ask contacts for references. Put up your requirements under the Help Quick category, and you will find suitable candidates to do your bidding.

It is also ideal for job seekers having some free time and looking to make a quick buck or two. You will find all one-time jobs listed here, under Help Quick.

House Cleaning – There is a saying ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ But while everyone likes a clean surrounding, few people want to do it themselves. What you can do is look for cleaning services on Help Wantedd instead, and leave the job to experts. Although the name says House Cleaning, this group lists all kinds of cleaning tasks.

HandyMan – If you are looking for any repairing services, this is where you will find all the experts. From leaking taps to broken refrigerators, all your woes will be gone when you enlist your requirements here. And if you are handy with repairing, HandyMan on Help Wantedd will ensure you don’t have a shortage of work.

Offices – Offices require people to perform a variety of tasks, and listings of all these office-related jobs can be found here. The jobs enlisted can include looking for permanent full-time employees and temporary services such as office moving or IT support.

Job providers should post their admin, HR, or any other office-related jobs here. And also, as a job seeker, if you are skilled at things like accounting or documentation, this is the category you should browse jobs in.

RideShare – This is an exceptional service that cannot be found on any other job portal. It allows you to look for people to share your ride with. For instance, say you drive your car from your home to the office every day. You can take some people along with you against a charge and earn money in the process. Just share your ride details under this category, along with how many people you are looking to share the ride with.

You can also list up your services here if you own a car. Anyone looking for car hire services can then contact you from here.

Others – If you have a job to offer that doesn’t fit under any of the above services, list them under this. For instance, if you are looking for a nanny or a pet-walker, you can enlist your requirements. Job seekers who possess exclusive skill sets should look for jobs under this category. For instance, you are a teacher and looking for tuition’s; you can search here for jobs.

A Job App for All

It isn’t easy to come by another job portal like HelpWantedd that lists jobs of all kinds and is meant for everyone. The app is easy to navigate, ensuring that no one is left behind in their quest for finding the right job.

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