How to Create a Perfect and Attractive Resume for a New Job in 2020

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Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional and you are finding New York Jobs, the first thing you need is a good resume. A good resume is one that attracts employers and makes your recruitment easier. To find jobs locally or to land a position in any reputable company, your resume is the only option that opens doors for you. You need to follow the below stated steps to create a perfect and attractive resume for a new job in 2020.

1. Collection of Information for Resume

The primary purpose of your resume is to find New York jobs. So, it needs to convey the right type of information to serve its actual purpose. It should contain at least:

  • Work Experience, including Volunteer Experience.
  • Education Qualifications.
  • Top Skills.
  •  Professional Social Media Information.
  • Contact Information.
  • The sequence of this information depends on the type of resume selected by an applicant.

2. Selection of a Resume Type

There are four different types of resumes that you can choose from. The type you want depends on your background and will help you to find jobs locally. These are:

• Chronological Resume

This is the most common format with career summary and work experience arranged in reverse chronological order. It includes month and year for each past job, and skills and education are mentioned at the end.

• Functional Resume

It also starts with a summary following the list of professional skills. It also includes your past work history and education but deemphasizes dates.

• Combination Resume

It is a combination of chronological and functional resume formats. It highlights your skills but provides a detailed work history.

• Creative Resume

This is an unconventional resume format. It is more designed as infographics, software programs, etc.

3. Writing of a Resume

After selecting a suitable format, the next step is to start with the writing of a resume to put all the gathered information into words. While writing an attractive resume, an applicant needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

i. Resume Writing Guidelines:

  • The resume should not speak in the third person form.
  • Instead of the copying job description, mention your contribution to the position.
  • Be specific about your accomplishments and mention numbers if possible.
  • Check grammar and spelling mistakes.

ii. Write Your Summary Statement

The summary statement of your resume must be short, i.e. within two or three sentences. However, these sentences should be crafted carefully so that they could explain what you have got to offer the employer.
iii. Write Your Work History

It’s okay to go as far as 15 years for your work history. But if it is making your resume too long, then limit it to the past 10 years. For a freshers resume, you can include summer jobs or volunteer work as long as they have relevance to the New York jobs you are applying to.

4. What will make a Good Resume great?

A perfect resume must have specific characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd. A great resume is one that contains the following qualities:

  • Try to replace the objective statement with an executive summary.
  • Add industry-specific keywords to your resume.
  • Use reverse chronology in your resume so that most recent and relevant information stays on top.
  • Make the text of your resume legible by using short paragraphs, bullet points, and heading.
  • Pay attention to detailing like, branding, and URL to your online profile.

How to Use Resume

The ultimate goal of creating a resume is to hunt for jobs. Once a perfect and attractive resume has been created, start giving your resume its actual worth. Step ahead with exploring out New York jobs and use it for applying to them. You can also post your resumes on various online apps that help you to find jobs locally in New York. Sharing with your friends and loved ones can also prove to be a good option.

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