How to Apply for your First Job

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Finding a new job in New York can be an intimidating task. You may often hear the phrase that you cannot get a job without experience, yet you cannot get any experience without a job. It’s quite discouraging and seems almost impossible to overcome. We have accumulated some tips to help you go from zero to hero and land your first job in a very reasonable amount of time.

Get proper education

You can start taking classes or attend workshops and also get specialized certificates and diplomas. This may help you to get the knowledge for the job you are applying to. Also, it will level up your dedication and commitment. Moreover, teachers are a great way to expand your network.

Level up your resume

Another great way to gather some experience before you land your first job in New York City is to work in specific areas of your interest with little or no money. It may not sound motivating but, it will help you to get some hands-on experience.

You may start by volunteering, or getting your skills honed up with some internship or freelancing. You can also start by contributing to a blog. This will show off your talents and your passion for work. Also, this will fill up your resume with relevant experience and level up your portfolio to impress the employers.

Sketch up your skills

Get some pens and paper and list up your skills, experience, and personal traits. List up all the qualities you have that may help you to get a job. Now focus on the parts that need to be improved and start working on them. Get a certificate for the skills if needed. You can also use this certificate as a reference for what you need to highlight in your CV and cover letter.

Try to excel in your field

Try to know everything about the industry and the job you are aiming for. This will help you to level up your networking and prepare you for the interviews. Interact in forums, read relevant blogs, and join online and offline groups to be an expert in your field. Learn to use keywords in online job apps like Helpwantedd so that you can apply for jobs locally to gain experience.

Seek expert advice

You can also seek opinions from experts in your field. But of course, before asking for tips and favors, you need to establish some connection. Try commenting on their online blogs, or send appreciation letters to make that connection. Experts love to advise people who follow them. But don’t flood their inbox with emails. Make sure that your comments are relevant and genuine.

Make up a compelling story to start off

Make up a captivating career-starting story that leaves no doubts that you are the perfect person for the job you are applying for. The employers may ask you several questions like why you want to enter this field, what can you do to reach your goal and what you have to offer to make yourself suitable for that position, etc. Make clear and concise answers to all the questions beforehand. Also, make them impressed with your passion, throw in your skills and experience, and top it off with your relevant education on that field.

Refurbish your resume

Make sure that your resume is made up of all the key factors of your talent and skills and not just the job title. Make sure your CV doesn’t dwell on the things you have done in the past but focuses on what you can offer to the position based on your experience. Your resume must look and showcase all the great things you can contribute in the future.

Aim high, but be reasonable

Aiming high is good, but while you are starting it is important to use your common sense while applying for your first job in New York City. As you are a beginner, apply for entry-level positions. Make it clear to the employer that you are a beginner and willing to learn. Then show your enthusiasm, passion, and determination to the job you are applying.


Looking for a new job opportunity in New York City can be comparatively cool as New York is known as the land of opportunities. But searching for job openings in New York City can be made even easier through an online listing on job apps like Helpwantedd. It not only helps you to find jobs locally but also highlights the key skills of your resume that makes it easier to locate the jobs near you. You just need to stay focused and hone up your skills.

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